I’m an academic librarian and this is one of my blogs. It covers interests with intellectual liberty and the long term. I’m concerned with ethical principles for access to the knowledge we maintain. I explore that substance known as “information,” sometimes finding it in the junctions of physical and digital information ecosystems, sometimes elsewhere. I’m Joshua Chalifour. I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

As a digital scholarship librarian with the Concordia University Library, I assess and identify new possibilities that emerging technologies or forms of scholarship open for academic work (researching, teaching, and learning). This can involve collaborating on research processes across disciplines. I am also the subject (liaison) librarian for journalism and communication studies.

My Know Fore blog provides more of a practical focus on using library resources with academic or research work. Using these two blogs, I try to delve into topics such as the following.

  • intellectual freedom
  • digital culture and society
  • information ethics
  • open scholarship (including open access)
  • critical thinking
  • cognitive liberty
  • librarianship
  • knowledge organization
  • digital scholarship
  • freedom of expression
  • information policy and digital rights
  • freedom of expression
  • information literacy
  • digital humanities
  • information professionals’ subjectivity
  • research techniques

In a different realm, see my abstract strategy board game, Adomoc, which I conceived and developed with Mike Keigher. My original blog (started in 1998) with some creative pursuits is Phy-d’eau.

Other Interests